Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Party and a bunch of other stuff

I have been busy trying to figure out a birthday party for Norrah. It's her first birthday so we don't want to "go all out" like my cousin is doing- mainly because she's not going to remember it and we will have many many more parties for her. We aren't going to get her anything big- Meemah has already gotten her a swingset and I had ordered some Wooden Blocks from Franklin Goose, but I didn't get them yet. I guess we will get them when they get here. We are going to have Ryan's Steakhouse (buffet) that my in-laws are paying for since we just don't have the money yet to do so. I'll be glad when we get everything caught up and get things together.

I'll be working Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights from NOW on. I actually start my new schedule on the 9th and work only a 12 hour shift because I had asked off for Friday and Saturday a while back (I graduate at 7pm on Friday night) and then the following weekend I believe I have asked off for all weekend off- because my brother is graduating with his MBA!! I'm SOOO proud of him!

I'll be posting my menu plan for the week when we get it done on Sunday. I'll be taking care of the dinners now that I'm going to be home during the week. :)

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