Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Doctor's Appointments and Graduation Day

Norrah and I both have doctors appointments this afternoon. Hers is her 12 month checkup and mine is my yearly exam. I can't wait to see how much Norrah weighs in at. I'll be putting her in her shorties over a prefold and a cute shirt. I've got her in a prefold and her fleece soaker right now, and they seem to be working just fine. I'm not looking forward to my appointment. I want this mirena out but I really don't want to get pregnant until January 2011. I am having a great time staying at home so far...lol it's only been a day.

I graduate on Friday night at 7pm. I've been working to this for a LONG time- a few semesters of part-time, a couple of nothing at all, and I've FINALLY DONE IT! I'm very proud of myself and I know that my family is proud of me too. I'll have my Associates in Psychology, and will be going back to get my BA soon. My brother is graduating 8 days after me. He's worked SUPER hard and has been working hard for many years, to get to where he's at. He'll have his MBA in Business and I'm SO PROUD OF HIM. His daughters are super excited because they are going to get to have some much needed time with him now. He'll be done with school (unless he decided to go to law school- but that's something totally different). His oldest daughter is 5 and she doesn't know her daddy without him being in school and working all the time. I know she's excited to have her daddy back.

Well, folks, you may have noticed the different Franklingoose items on the site today- that's because I'm now an affiliate with them and if you shop with them, I earn as well. Pretty awesome stuff. Go SHOP! lol

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