Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review of some Diapers

Here's my review (pics when I find my camera) of Kawaii Minky Diapers, and of Katydid Diapers.

Kawaii Minky OS Diaper-

These diapers are large! I have them set on the bottom rise snap and they come up still almost to her belly button. I've had them for at least 6 months- and have yet to have any leaks. I will be ordering some regular aplix ones for baby number 2 *when he/she is conceived* and they will probably be my go to diaper. I haven't used/don't want to try the snap version- but that's just because aplix is my preference. I do like one snap diaper- and that review is going to be coming up next.

Katydid diapers- shipped SUPER FAST- from an order (several) from Franklingoose- and they are nice diapers- similar to a bG in shape- with a FRONT POCKET instead of rear opening pocket. I love the inner as it's SUPER DUPER DUPER soft. I can say that these are getting more love from me than my bG 3.0s are. I wish she had an aplix version- but the snaps seem to be well placed and very easy to adjust to find the right fit. I have no complaints about them and they will get lots of love in this house.

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