Saturday, May 15, 2010 Paypal!, and other random stuff

So, I've become obsessed with finding ways to earn money on the web- and I have found one that I think is almost foolproof- not that you will get rich from it or anything, but that it actually works and that they do what they say they are going to do- and that's deposit paypal into your account weekly if you earn it. I've already had them deposit $2.42 and while to most that doesn't seem like a lot of money- it will add up over time. That was for only about 5 minutes of clicking within their site and it paid off. I hope to get some referrals under me and start using the site more to make more $.  Here's the link: 

Now on to the other random stuff. I've scheduled my payments online to get most of the 2 of my credit cards paid off- I failed to send the checks in but have been paying them online- and will have them paid off (a little behind schedule) soon.

As far as my paypal and amazon gift cards go- I've decided that I'm going to get a new camera, not only for myself but for dh to share- and that way I don't have to keep taking pictures from my phone- while it works ok, it's not the same as having a GOOD camera that will do what I want it to. I want to take art- not just photos, and since it is what it is, I'll have to use any paypal or amazon cards to get it. I'll be saving for a while- but it will be worth it.

Also, I've got some yucky stuff in my diapers- and we're using sposies till I can get them soaked and stripped and cleaned out. I washed them the other day on my regular hot wash-double rinse and detergent, and the dryer wasn't done yet so I ended up putting it through another wash/rinse/rinse cycle WITH NO DETERGENT- and happened to catch it in the first rinse cycle and when I opened it up I was amazed and disgusted all at the same time- there was a film of soap all over the top of the water

This is what I saw...yuck-o right... so now it's time to strip again- and I just ordered some samples of Rockin Green detergent so I am going to wait, should have it Tuesday or Wednesday, and rock a soak of all the inserts and then strip all of my pockets, fitteds, prefolds, flats, and anything else that needs to be stripped...


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